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White Pine Manor: Indiana’s Premier Wedding Destination

White Pine Manor, a coveted wedding venue in Indiana, is the quintessential setting for couples looking to blend tradition with the contemporary, nature with elegance. Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Brazil, IN, a rural town east of Terre Haute, Indiana. Here you will find a venue that embodies the essence of Midwestern charm and beauty.

Indiana is well known for its scenic wonders, and White Pine Manor stands as a testament to that. Just a stone's throw away (60 miles) from the hustle and bustle of Indianapolis, this venue feels like an escape into a romantic paradise. With its expansive vistas and serene surroundings, it promises a wedding experience like no other.

The wedding barn, a highlight of White Pine Manor, combines rustic allure with modern sophistication. Its wooden structure, infused with a timeless aesthetic, provides a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it an ideal backdrop for capturing memories. Couples looking for that classic barn wedding feel, paired with modern amenities, will find everything they seek here.

Yet, the magic of White Pine Manor isn’t confined within four walls. For those dreaming of an outdoor wedding this is the place to settle with. Picture this: Saying "I do" under a canopy of trees, with nature itself serenading your union. It's an experience that marries the raw beauty of the outdoors with the sanctity of matrimonial vows.

In summary, White Pine Manor isn’t just a venue; it's a journey. A journey of love, commitment, and unparalleled joy. For those on the hunt for the perfect wedding venue in Indiana, White Pine Manor beckons with open arms, ready to make your special day an unforgettable celebration. 



Wedding Venues and Event Venues in Indiana

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We were so blessed to celebrate Baby Reed at the White Pine Manor in Brazil. After five years of infertility, the unexpected loss of two loved ones, Baby Reed became our miracle baby.  We knew that we needed a special spot to celebrate and White Pine Manor was perfect.  We arrived Saturday morning to a completely beautiful setup of tables and decor.  The comfy spot where Shelbie opened gifts and took pictures was adorable and so fancy!  We were able to focus on welcoming guests and showering Shelbie with love. White Pine Manor gets a full 5+ stars from us. We are already anticipating Baby Reed’s First Birthday party at White Pine Manor. Many thanks to Joann for helping us create such an incredibly memorable event.

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Our Mission

Thank you for visiting White Pine Manor where our sole purpose is to provide you with 16 beautiful, peaceful acres to celebrate the precious milestones in your life and the lives of your family. Our dream in purchasing this land is to bring back community, and family memory making. We built our wedding venue to provide an affordable and beautiful venue for the middle class. We work diligently to bring the joy back to your special day. Stress should not be a part of your celebration and we take that mission very seriously.

All You Need to Know About Having a Wedding in Indiana

Indiana, with its diverse landscapes and charming cities, offers a plethora of options for couples seeking the perfect wedding venue. Whether you're dreaming of a rustic barn wedding, an elegant affair in a historic mansion, or a picturesque outdoor ceremony surrounded by nature, Indiana has something for every couple's vision.


Wedding Venues in Indianapolis and Beyond


Indianapolis, the state's capital, boasts a wide array of wedding venues to suit every style and budget. From grand ballrooms in downtown hotels to intimate gardens and historic landmarks, Indianapolis offers a vibrant backdrop for your special day.


For those looking for a unique venue, Indiana is home to a variety of options. Brown County, known for its stunning scenery and artistic community, offers charming barn venues that exude rustic elegance. These venues provide the perfect setting for a romantic and memorable wedding celebration. White Pine Manor is one of those settings that matches the ideal wedding in Indiana. We are only a 40 minute drive from Indy and a couple miles off Interstate 70.


Creating Your Dream Wedding


When planning your Indiana wedding, consider the season and the natural beauty that surrounds you. Fall weddings in Indiana are particularly enchanting, with the vibrant colors of autumn providing a stunning backdrop for your ceremony and photos.


For couples planning a winter wedding, Indiana's snowy landscapes offer a magical setting. Imagine exchanging vows in a cozy lodge or a charming chapel, with the beauty of the season all around you.


Practical Considerations


As you plan your Indiana wedding, it's important to consider practical aspects such as guest accommodations and transportation. Indianapolis offers a range of hotels and guesthouses to accommodate your guests, ensuring everyone has a comfortable stay.


When creating your guest list, consider the size and capacity of your chosen venue. For larger weddings, Indianapolis offers spacious venues that can accommodate a large number of guests, while smaller, more intimate venues are perfect for a more private affair.


Whether you're planning a lavish wedding in downtown Indianapolis or a rustic celebration in the Indiana countryside, the state offers a wealth of options for every couple's dream wedding. With its picturesque landscapes, charming venues, and warm hospitality, Indiana is the perfect place to say "I do."


The White Pine Manor wedding venue is located in Brazil, Indiana. We would be thrilled to have you take a tour of our property and let us dream with you the endless opportunities the state of Indiana has to offer when it comes to Wedding Venues. Click below to schedule a time, it’s FREE!

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