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Photo Farm Spring

Brazil Photo Venue

Spring photo farm
spring photo farm
Spring Photo Farm
Spring Photo Farm


Welcome to White Pine WINTER Sets. Capture a memory while making a memory. Pick One Set to reserve for $30 per hour per family.

Please Note:

  • Photographer is not on site.

  • Bring your own Photographer or choose "Mom"ography for private photos.

Special offer to Photographers

  • Minis are billed differently at $40 per hour per set, maximum of 2 families per hour.

  • "Mom"ography pricing is $20 for 30 minutes.

  • "Mom"ography is for moms only please

  • 1hr per set, $30 excluding the glass house.

  • The glass house is $40 1HR SESSIONS ONLY!


There may be times there will be an event or events here while you are taking photographs, please be respectful of those renting the venue.

If there are no events, you can use the barn doors on the white barn for photos as an extra backdrop.

Special note:

  • The Cozy Winter Feels can only be booked with one-hour photo for  at $40 per hour

Professional Photographers, Amateurs, "mom"ographers

Our photography farm is 16 acres of beautiful woods and meadows limited only by your imagination. Bring your own or use our props for even more possibilities. We invite you to step outside of the studio for a mini photoshoot perfect for social media. When your time is reserved, there will be no interruptions unless a rabbit crosses your path. Let us do the work, you do what do best by taking phenomenal photos.

Indoor studio is coming soon!!!

Single Session:

Up to 60 minutes with one client/immediate family group. This rate is per client or per small family group (two generation) even if you choose not to use your full 60 minutes with each client/family. For example; if you have aunts, uncles, cousins represented, please pay separately for each two-generation family.

Single Session Property Only:

RATE $10

Use of the property excluding preset vignettes or sets. You can bring your own props, but please respect those in a reserved area.


Photographer will set up on one reserved location for up to two mini sessions each hour (roughly every 30 minutes). Total cost for those two sessions $40



ANY CANCELLATION WITHIN 24HRS WILL BE NON-REFUNDABLE. (Unless inclement weather is reported)

Important instructions when clicking schedule:

1. After you hit schedule button then click "services"

2. Then choose service

3. Then choose set.

4. Finally click date and time and you will be all set! 

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